More and more individuals are falling into the traps of drug and alcohol addiction.  With more information now available along with efforts of the private sector and the government as regards to helping addicts, more and more people want the help of detox centers. If  you are experiencing drug or alcohol addiction issues then Malibu Rehab Center can help.  Malibu Rehab Center is one of the top detox centers in the country as we focus on the clients needs and we reduce the withdrawal effects associated with addiction.

Our detox center appreciates the requirements of individual patients based on the specific drugs or alcohol that has been consumed and as well as the duration.

Comfortable Detox Supervised by Medical Doctors

It’s imperative that detox be over seen by an actual doctor.  At Malibu Rehab Center  we have the top M.D.’s in the country who are trained and experienced in the detox field.  Our professional staff will keenly watch the patients while assessing their improvements on a regular basis. Malibu Rehab Center has the resources for addressing various requirements of different patients in the course of the sophisticated process of detox or withdrawal making your experience a safe and pleasant one.

Malibu Rehab Center DetoxMalibu Rehab Center specializes in the following types of Detox:

Many individuals can not comprehend the critical effects of their habits prior to entering the detox center.  Drug and alcohol addiction intervention is sometimes recommended in order to assist and bring forth the truth.  It is crucial to enroll in a detox center as quickly as possible.  When drugs or alcohol are commonly abused the patient’s body begins to crave and it can be extremely difficult to cease using such substances.  Addiction brings about a desire to consume even more drugs or alcohol and this situation is challenging to manage.

Detoxification at Malibu Rehab Center is carried out in a confidential manner and is offered in addition to other treatment techniques including counseling, education and information to enable the patient to attain a fit and healthy life once more.


Here are some of the objectives of Malibu Rehab Center’s Detox:

  • To eliminate symptoms of alcohol or drug withdrawal
  • To aid recovering person in overcoming their addiction woes
  • To enhance the general health of patients through good nutrition and other strategies
  • To teach values that can transform the lives of the addicts for the better
  • To create better ways of coping with various situations in life

Whatever kind of drug or alcohol addiction you have, Malibu Rehab Center can help to remove all remaining toxins from your body.  Through careful professional supervision, detox is managed safely. This ensures that the addicts succeed in this crucial stage of recovery.