All About Malibu Rehab Centers


All About Malibu Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centers

Whenever people talk about drug rehabs, sooner or latter the conversation inevitably turns to include the treatment centers in Malibu California.

Years ago, before the community of treatment centers in Malibu grew in quantity and quality, the drug and alcohol programs in Malibu were only for the rich and famous. That is no longer the case. Malibu recovery facilities now offer a wide range of options, including competitive cost and most accept private health insurance.

Over the years, Malibu California has become the leading place to go for drug and alcohol rehab. Currently, there are 34 licensed treatment centers in the city of Malibu. With a population of only 12,883, there must be several reasons why so many people choose to go to a drug rehab in Malibu.

Reasons People Prefer Drug Alcohol Rehab Centers in Malibu

Clean, Spacious, First-Class Accommodations

One of the primary reasons Malibu treatment centers have become so popular is the facilities they provide for their residents. Being comfortable while going through the process of drug and alcohol treatment is important. Malibu rehab centers provide some of the nicest treatment facilities in the world. Some are very luxurious, but most are merely spacious, well appointed, clean and safe. Some have swimming pools and whirlpools and views of the ocean. Others offer these services off-campus.

The Food Service at most Malibu treatment centers is far better than most rehab facilities. Malibu programs take a more holistic approach, and as such know the value of good nutrition. Studies have shown some people reach for a drink or a drug when they are not eating a well-balanced diet.

The Quality Level of the Programs

There is a significant difference between the “quality of care” offered among drug alcohol treatment centers. Drug alcohol rehab is a form of medical care. That is why it may be covered by health insurance. Just like any other medical facility, the level of care will vary, depending on the facility.

The quality of care includes a variety of factors, including;

• Lower Ratio of Staff to Clients
• Individualized Treatment
• Credentials of the Staff
• More 1 to 1 Therapy

Most Malibu treatment centers rate very well in all these categories

A More Modern Holistic Approach

Drug alcohol treatment has been around for over 75 years. During that time treatment has evolved greatly. Today, most treatment programs offer a wide variety of therapies for treating alcohol and drug abuse from a modern prospective. Modern treatment provides a much higher, more clinically oriented prospective.

• Neurofeedback
• Equine Therapy
• Massage Therapy
• Yoga – Mindfulness
• Pharmacotherapy
• Music Therapy
• Art Therapy

Most Malibu rehab centers offer an excellent clinically based, therapy-oriented approach. They offer yoga, mindfulness meditation, Neurofeedback, equine therapy as well as CBT, MET and DBT therapy programs. This multifaceted approach helps clients to heal at a physical, psychological and emotional level. They treat alcohol and addiction from a very holistic approach.

Offering Alternatives to the Old Methods

The majority of treatment centers use the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous model. Most addiction experts agree drug and alcohol abuse are medical diseases. There are new pharmacotherapies available to help someone achieve long lasting abstinence. Most Malibu drug and alcohol rehab centers subscribe to the ideology of offering a more client centered, therapeutic approach that includes scientific, evidence based treatments.

Malibu is a Beautiful Place

Besides the gorgeous weather, Malibu is located in one of the most beautiful places on earth. It is nestled in between Topanga Canyon to the East, the Santa Monica Mountains are to the North, and Ventura County is to the West and the Pacific Ocean to the South.

the city of malibu californiaLocated in Los Angeles County, Malibu is 21 miles of prime, pristine coastline, running along the famous Hwy 1, the Pacific Coast Highway. Surprisingly, Malibu was only incorporated 23 years ago. Signs around the area proclaim “27 miles of scenic beauty”, a reference to the time before Malibu officially become a city.

Nicknamed the “Bu”, Malibu has many famous beaches, including; Surfrider Beach, Zuma Beach, Dan Blocker beach, Point Dume Beach and Topanga beach. Malibu also has a network of beautiful parks for people who want to enjoy non-ocean activities.